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Latest 304 stainless steel plate price in December

Latest 304 stainless steel plate price in December 

The current nickel price and the price of stainless steel are polarized. Although nickel is the main component of stainless steel, the price of nickel is currently rising, and the price of stainless steel is falling, and each takes its own path. Nickel is always hovering at $20,000 per ton. The 304 stainless steel futures price fell from more than 21,000 to more than 16,000 at present, a drop of nearly 5,000 yuan.

The recent Shanghai stainless steel futures price trend, the futures price fell 4000 yuan / ton in more than a month

Although the spot stainless steel price has not fallen as much as the futures price, it is not much better; the point is that the demand is poor, and the market without transactions is the most worrying thing for traders. Since ancient times, the mentality of buying up and not buying down is difficult to change. At present, the price of cold-rolled spot 304 stainless steel is less than 18,000 yuan, and the price of hot-rolled 316L stainless steel has fallen from 29,600 to less than 26,000 yuan/ton, a drop of 3,600 yuan. The price of 201 stainless steel has fallen relatively sharply. The price of 1500mm wide cold-rolled 201 stainless steel has dropped from the highest price of 14,900 yuan to the current 11,000 yuan, down 3900 yuan, or 35%.



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